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I am a writer -- I love writing, reading, creating relatable content, and my grammar can be flawless when I ain't speakin' in Ebonics. Even though being a writer has its perks, there are a few things writers are sick of hearing.

And Here They Are:

1) Can You Proofread & Edit My Next Novel?

If you're not paying me, I may not make the time to go over your content. People underestimate how busy professional writers or writing-related major college students are. We're constantly writing and we're swamped by our own assignments. The writer's life ain't coffee and beaches -- we write, all day long. The job never ends.
I like you -- I just don't have the time to proofread your 59-page paper on fat metabolism, or read your million-page romance novel. But hey, money always talks...

2) Can You Actually Do Anything With Your English Degree?

Yes, we can, smart-mouth. We can cover several areas and have varying roles. Not only can we teach, but we can write for marketing, become editors, go into law school, become archivist, work in public relations -- the opportunities are endless!

3) You Can't Really Make Money As A Writer

Listen, any job in the creative world is hard to come by, but you gotta get used to that hustle. And even though the job market is improving, there is still a lot of competition in many areas -- not just in writing. But as long as you work your butt off, and keep knocking on as many doors as possible, you'll get your leg in somewhere.
And when writers make it, they really make it. Think successful book writers, or even when a copywriter becomes a creative director for a large advertising firm.
Also, for some of us, money isn't everything. Some of us just want to go into a job that feels like a playground. We want to do something that makes us happy.

Writers rock.

@rodiziketan the perks are endless and i might just make that list! @greggr you're awesome! and they are extremely wrong!
These are three things that I have heard many, many times in my life, but have managed to prove people wrong on all three accounts (I'm a teacher now, and I have written plenty worth reading in my lifetime). Don't worry; the people who insist on saying these things are wrong @alywoah
Don't forget business! Plenty of English majors go into consulting, finance, management... yes, all those high paying jobs $$$$ ;D I studied literature, so I know the feeling. Hate that question!!!
@alywoah I think writers are writers because they can't be anything else. Great card!
This is all true haha. Now make a list of perks, I'm sure you can make an even longer one :) @alywoah
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