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The last time we played this game, I made myself pretty sad. If you don't remember why, let me remind you of the rules:
Step 1: Pick three characters Step 2: Decide who you'd marry, boink, and kill Step 3: ???? Step 4: Profit
Seems easy enough, until you have to choose from your faves. Which is why this round should be a lot easier! This week we're going to marry, boink, or kill the villains from various Sherlock Holmes adaptations! Sounds easy... right?

Do you want to play a game...?

Moriarty, Moriarty, or Moriarty?

Okay. I'm kind of terrified of what might happen if I boinked the BBC version of Moriarty, so I'd boink the Elementary version (Natalie Dormer does it for me, what can I say?). I'd marry the BBC version and then RUN AS FAST AS POSSIBLE because I like being alive. I'd kill the Guy Ritchie one. Do the world a solid there.

Milverton, Moran, or Oscar?

I'd boink Moran, because he didn't seem like a terrible guy. Sure, he was a paid hitman, but we can't all have honorable professions. Milverton... honestly grosses me out. So like Moriarty, I'd marry him and then run as far away as possible. At least I'd inherit all his money? I'd be really sad killing Oscar, since he's clearly very sick, but what can ya do?

Jeff Hope, Everyone, or Lord Blackwood

This is probably the weirdest combination I could have come up with, I'll give you that. I kind of want to say I'd marry everyone... even though it's probably impossible. Maybe just one of the hackers from the collective? There's probably some weird benefits there. I'd boink Lord Blackwood, even though he's a creepy cult leader. He's got charisma. And I'd kill Jeff Hope.

That's the weirdest gif I could find. You're welcome.

Who are your picks?
Hahahah that gif is so so gross. I love it. Here is my contribution to the game :) I’m actually way turned on by a lot of the Sherlock villains, so this was a hard pick for me! Marry: Moriarty (BBC version because he is just HOT stuff) Boink: Lord Blackwood. Don’t ask why... Kill: I’m killing Jeff Hope too. He kinda just grosses me out.
Hahaha sorry I made it difficult for you @nicolejb though you do have a point, BBC's Moriarty is definitely good-looking. Maybe it's Westwood?
Hmmm I have to say, I think I agree with all of your choices @shannonl5!! Except I might boink crazy-eyes BBC Moriarty (because he's hot stuff), and marry Natalie Dormer (because who wouldn't want to spend their life gazing into those eyes?) hahaha
@nicolejb if you'd like to play again, this one is really weird haha XD