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Comcast just announced they would be releasing a new streaming television service for customers. The new service will be available in Boston, Chicago and Seattle later this year and across the company’s coverage areas in the United States in 2016.
As Comcast joins the ranks of streaming television, let us reflect on a the full list of services already existing. Here’s a list of other streaming services and why I love them. Can Comcast compete?

1. Netflix

My long-time relationship. My one and only binge-watching fav. Netflix has been there since the beginning and with new Netflix-original series hits like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards...there is no stopping this service in my heart.

2. Amazon Prime Instant Video

I’ve used this service because my mom has Amazon Prime and so I can use it for free (shoutout to my mom!) It doesn’t have many tv shows or movies for free, but they do offer ones that Netflix lacks. (I’m a big BBC Classic fan and Amazon Prime has a wealth of all of my favorite period dramas). I run to Amazon Prime any time I need some classic in my life.

3. Hulu

I starting using Hulu before Netflix, but only the free version. It is hard for me to keep up with my shows before they leave (I tend to bing-watch on my days off) Hulu Prime sounds like a better deal for me. And now with the announcement of the Mindy Project on Hulu...I think they are slowly capturing my heart.

4. iTunes

This one is pretty much pay for what you want only. It’s my families favorite for movie night. We can pretty much watch anything for a small rental price. But those prices add up, so maybe not the best option for budgeting. But like I said, it’s a perfect family night purchase!

5. HBO Go

It’s new. It’s fresh. But hey, it’s HBO. I haven’t used this service yet, but I’ve heard good things. I would pay for this service just to watch Girls and all the HBO documentaries.
Well, did I miss any good ones? What are your favorite streaming services? I’m guessing we have quiet a few Netflix fans. It’ll be interesting to see what Comcast comes out with to compete with these prime services. Can they com up with something worth casting?
I’ll only fund the comcast machine if they have a really nice product, otherwise I’m sticking to Netflix too @drwhat!
I won't fund the comcast machine. and doubt they'll do a better job than those who have already been working on it for so long! Netflix fo rme.
oh yeah. totally worth it for GIRLS @LauraFisher
Shoutout to parents that give you your account info! I bet I can convince mine that they need it... @LauraFisher
@nicolejb my parents are HBO subscribers so I'm just mooching off them :) same goes for all my online TV streaming accounts now that I think about it...thanks parents, you're the best
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