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Getting to know that person you've fallen head over heels for can be both exciting and awkward to say the least.

You're both interested in one another, but you're somewhere stuck between where do we go from here and who makes the next move. It can be rather stressful if one party is putting in more effort than the other, but don't overthink.
When it comes to excelling to the next step, it should definitely be mutual. As much as we try our best to escape the awkwardness, there's really no getting away from it. If you're currently getting to know someone on a deeper level, keep a lookout for these five awkward stages that are bound to come up.

Waiting For Someone To Initiate The Next Date Is A Struggle

It's no secret that you two want to see each other again, but you both let your pride get in the way waiting for the other person to initiate the next date. Talk about stressful. Break out of your shell and just go for it.

Trying Not To Fall Too Fast

You know you have the tendency to fall fast and it never ends in a good way. After that first kiss you had to give yourself a pep talk and tell yourself that this was too good to mess up. You're somewhere between on the verge of falling and trying your hardest not to. Just make sure the feeling is mutual.

Wanting To Talk To Them Every Second Of The Day

Yeah, we're all familiar with this feeling. Getting to know someone and diggin' them to the point where you get this feeling inside when you can't talk to them all day long. Most would call it obsessive, but you call it infatuation.

When You're Family Refers To Them As Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Beware of those family dinners. Family often times thinks anyone of the opposite sex you invite over is your new 'bae'. It's awkward enough that the two of you don't have an official title, but the fact that you have to go with the flow makes it even more awkward.

They Are On Your Mind 24/7

When you wake up in the morning they are there and before you close your eyes to go to sleep at night, they are still there -- on your mind occupying space. It's an amazing feeling, but you can't help but wonder if you're on their mind as well.

Would you say this is obsessive behavior or infatuation?

I recently read that getting to know someone (and letting someone know you) is a bit like painting a picture. At first you try to paint the nicest picture you can of yourself, and as you keep repainting it gets uglier and uglier, or more real. The people who love the most realistic painting of you are the ones to keep :)
"if i'm going to purchase a painting I want nothing less than a masterpiece!" THIS. This is my new relationship mantra :D
Hahaha @caricakes I like that :) Although it does remind me a little of the Portrait of Dorian Gray, and how creepy he looks at the end... I hope the "realistic" picture of me doesn't end up having a huge wart on its nose or something. Lol. But in all serious, a wise way to look at it! Sure, we all love the idealized portraits, but it's important to check out someone's "true painting" before falling head over heels for them. Now, the only question is... how on earth do we keep ourselves from falling?? lol!
exactly!!! those two feelings can literally make you go insane, but on the flip side you don't want to ask them any questions too soon. it's definitely tricky! but I'm about to go check your card out now :D
Haha @jordanhamilton, I feel you. In fact, I just wrote a card about something pretty similar! :D It can be really scary and uncomfortable when you're unsure if he's the right one, or when you don't know if they feel the same way...
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