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It's Monday and you're back at your desk. Work is fine, but you can't help but think about all those shows you watched this weekend and the fun jobs that plenty of TV characters have. Whether it's writing a sketch comedy show like Liz Lemon or surviving in NYC by writing a sex column every week like Carrie Bradshaw, TV is full of enviable jobs.
Head writer of a sketch comedy show- that's the dream job. While Liz Lemon's job might involve dealing with the ridiculous antics of Tracy Jordan and the demeaning comments of Jack Donaghy, there's never a dull moment at TGS. Sitting around a table making fart jokes to come up with a parody cereal brand sounds like a better way to spend Monday than sitting at a desk from 9-5.
I'm not that jealous of working at a coffee shop, but Rachel's job at Central Perk mostly just involves her talking to her friends for an entire shift. She would 100% have been fired in real life, but right now pouring coffee while I catch up with my friends sounds like the perfect job.
Write one column about your own relationships and make enough money to live a luxurious life in NYC? Yes please. Carrie Bradshaw's life as a writer (before her book deal), seemed remarkably easy and fun. Arguably one of the most unrealistic jobs on television, but I'd happily fill in for her any day.
General manager of a paper company might sound like the world's most boring job, but not the way Michael Scott does it. Wearing Fat Albert suits, spending company money on a party a week and a building a giant hamster maze through the office seems like enough to get anyone fired, but not at Dunder Mifflin. If this is what all positions of authority are like, sign me up.
I'm realizing that most of the jobs I envy are people just doing nothing at work. April Ludgate ignores phone calls, sleeps at her desk and yells at people all day on Parks and Recreation. Also, she gets to report to Ron Swanson, another authority figure who really does nothing at work.
Sorry for making you jealous of all these jobs, but at least the day is halfway over and you're one step closer to getting home and binge-watching some of these shows.
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Haha I think I would love to have April's job, but all of these sound pretty great! So funny :)