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Pitbull is the latest member of the Latino community to share his thoughts on the comments made by Donald Trump.
For those out of the loop, During his announcement speech to run in the 2016 presidential election, Donald trump accused illegal Mexican immigrants of bringing drugs and crime to the States and being “rapists.” Since then,several of Trump’s partners, including NBCUniversal and Macy’s have also ended their business relationships with the hotel tycoon.
“I think Trump is far from ignorant,” said Pitbull to Billboard. “But I don’t think he really understood what he was saying and the power of Latinos. [He didn't understand] how we’re always united, and how we truly respect this country way too much; we respect the liberty it gives us to control our own destiny, and the opportunities it gives us to take our families to other levels. I don’t think he really put all that together. But, to each his own. El tipo se comió tremendo cable (This guy is in hot water).”
Despite his harsh comments in the news, Trump stated that if he get nominated he will win the Latino vote. According to a new Economist/YouGov poll, the GOP presidential candidate is at the top of the Republican field.
Should we be worried?
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i dont think so latinos hold a huge vote in the u.s and latinos hate ignorant white people :)