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Guys, are you ready for this?

The making-of video of the one and only Sober MV.
If you thought the original MV was funny, you'll die laughing when you watch this.
Alright, here we go...
How do they go from Bang Bang Bang FIERCE to this? No idea. But they're funny and cute!
Let's recap the major events, shall we?


"I'm not actually sober...that's the concept of the video. Being sober makes it tough."
Yes, GD, we've noticed. He was probably the least sober of them all, haha.


Goes through random forest shower box...drunk?
Watches GD play with ball. "Is it made out of felt? It's made out of felt!" Asking all the right questions. LOL


Comes to support GD on set. WHAT WAS HE WEARING? lol


Gets out of the moving box. "Should I tone it down? Since I'm not sober." Hahaha
Love how he complains about not being ready to play the drums. So adorable!


Gets out of the moving box. "This is not so easy" Really now, Panda?
Unnecessarily provokes hyung to rock-paper-scissors, loses, faces consequence. Typical.
Who made you laugh the most in this behind-the-scenes video?
Have you guys seen this yet? @PassTheSuga @aabxo @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @stevieq @Ambie?
XD hilarious thanks for the tag
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@MattK95 Of course! XD
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Hahaha loved this!! Thank you for tagging me~
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@jiggzy19 Of course! Glad you liked it ^^
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Loved it thanks for the tag ^^
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