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I am here to formally protest the phrase "it's not about the destination, its about the journey" and any other various phrasing that means the same exact thing.
I get it, trust me I get it, its time to find joy in everything you do? Like who cares about all the bumps in the road because we are alllll about the wild and crazy journey, right?
So, I am going to take this moment to say really quick, I. Hate. That. Expression.
I just don't get how that can apply to nearly anything. Personally, I know I have a lot more fun at the beach then the hour of traffic I have to wait in during my "journey" to the Ocean.
I'll admit it, sometimes the journey part of the trip gets me all types of anxious. And I know that this quote is suppose to force me to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the tunes on the radio, or just embrace the fun of getting to wherever you're going.
But one can argue that sometimes the journey takes way to damn long! Plus where is the harm in being excited to get to were you actually want to be! There should be no shame in not enjoying every single part of a weekend trip, particularly the car ride there and back (aka the journey)!
And no, I am not a grump who looks at life in the "cup half empty" type of way. I promise that we won't be miserable and whiney the entire journey. We will actually have fun, sing along to the radio and tell funny stories. We don't HATE the journey, we would just rather not have to take it to get where we wanna be!
I am going to go as far as saying forcing yourself to love the journey might even take away from the actual destination! If you love and enjoy everything, nothing feels special anymore! What makes destinations rock is that they make us feel different than normal!
So stop judging the ones who don't always give a shit about the journey.
Being excited about the destination is normal and healthy and totally worth the 4 hours traffic.

Plus, I bet that if you had the choice, you would all rather teleport to where you want to go then waste hours getting there.

I agree, partly. I agree that like all these new age catch-phrases, "Its about the journey" is just a superficial statement that doesn't mean much. Also I can certainly identify with the notion that some times you just hate the way and have to grit your teeth and focus on the target. Still, for the most part, I do not wish I could teleport from A to B. Of course, traffic jams are an exception
@LizArnone people always telling me to slow down has been a problem in my life lol
@TessStevens haha YESSS its just so annoying sometimes! and everyone is always like what are you being so stressed about in the car and I'm like I JUST WANNA GET THERE!!
#mylife thank you!
@orenshani7 hahah yeah traffic james are THE WORST! I love your take on focusing on the target and could not agree more on the idea of eye on the prize ect. What would make you want to participate in the journey rather then speed it along?
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