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When you hear your favorite songs, something inside you changes. Music brings on feelings of great joy and memories of great times. Music takes on a life of its own, and when it grabs on to us, sometimes we can't help but listen constantly.
Ever put a song on repeat for an entire day?
An entire week?
Ever listen to the same band's discography over and over without stopping?
Ever wonder what causes that?? Keep reading.
According to Dr Daniel Müllensiefen from the department of Psychology at Goldsmith's College in London, who spoke with TheVine on this topic, people who tend to select a smaller rotation of songs may have similar habits in other areas.
For instance, if you listen to the same few bands every day, you may have singular tastes in food, drink and fashion.
If you listen to a wide variety of music, your tastes in other areas will probably be wide too. You probably eat adventurously and change up your drink order too.
Adrian North, another psychologist spoke to the truth of the Berlyne theory:
"What we know is that if you look across repeated hearings of a piece of music, as time goes on, because it becomes easier to predict, it becomes less arousing to you as an individual."

Having a routine can help us get through our day, and music is a part of that.

"Each time you hear it, it's less surprising so it gives you less of a jolt. First of all you get this thing where you're learning the music and, as with most things, as you know more about it you understand it more and you like it more. Then you reach this tipping point where you flip over the curve and it just becomes boring"
That's why when we hit our "limit" (whatever that is) we start to listen for something new.
It all pretty much comes down our human need for routine.
Aside from science, my theory is that music is attached to our emotional responses throughout the day. It keeps us sane, it keeps us engage.
We associate certain songs with productivity, success, calmness or peace.
I listen to the same songs in the morning each day, because they're a part of my routine.
When I'm in the subway, switching trains I listen to "Gunga Din" by The Libertines. The same song, same time, every day.
It helps to regulate. I now associate that song with running between train platforms.
What songs do you listen to on the regular?
Cool @TessStevens I'll give it a go and see
Awesome @marshalledgar I'll give it a listen. If you're into folky acoustic stuff you should listen to the album Grace/Wastelands by Peter Doherty (Libertines) it's a great departure, amazing songs.
@marshalledgar I've always wanted to know why we do that with our music, glad you found it helpful! I'll have to check out those artists you mentioned!
Love this card. very insightful you running through the subway changing trains to The Libertines made me smile really big. my music selection couldn't be more monochromatic. if it's not Phillip Glass or Samantha James, it's most likely Daphnis et Chloe at Pons.
Daphnis... is by Maurice Ravel