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At least that's what he's trying to tell us.
I've already shared my opinion on Chad Future before. But I always try to keep an open mind as a good K-pop fan...so here's what I think of his latest single, Famous that was released on July 11th, 2015.
1. The Music Video
I have seen quite a few of his MVs and this was nothing new. Flashy clothes, flashy moves and flashy cars. Same old. Same old.
2. The Collaboration
HOTSHOT's Sungwoon was cool. His rap was good and he seems pretty chill.
3. The Lyrics
The song was decent. The tune was actually pretty catchy, but the lyrics...nope.
"I’m a hot kid now the top of my class" Sure Chad, sure.
"I’m not interested in being different and go faster than others" Okay...?
"You know who I am. F*** me? I’m famous!" Are you? Are you really?
Don't get me wrong. These lyrics are alright ...but this was literally the point of his whole song. He could've done so much better, considering he had Sungwoon as well. He honestly just comes off as a show-off with empty lyrics. And is he really that famous? Come on now.
4. The Final Verdict
To end on a positive note, I think he can improve a lot from here on out, especially under the guidance of better directors. And I'm glad to hear him start to sing in Korean (considering he is an "AK-pop star").
What do you guys think of the song?
@StephanieDuong maybe I should use my vocal talents to start doing covers and call myself an AK-Pop star, then I can meet K-Idols and collab with them too \(^-^)/ it's decided I know what I'm gonna do with my life now :D
I like the concept of Chad Future (a guy pursuing his dreams, etc) way more than I like the actual Chad Future. He's on the road to becoming infamous rather than famous, if you know what I mean. I think he needs to rethink his image and hire better lyricists. And learn Korean.
@MattK95 you know the whole vingle kpop community will support you hahahahahhahahahah
@DancingPartyTme haha I agree 100% he needs to rework his image, cause he sort of comes off a little bit arrogant @poojas I didn't mind it at all when 2NE1 did it either, but yeah there aren't many people I can hear sing like that without feeling annoyed. @kpopandkimchi just like you said when someone is the best they don't have to write about it XD we all know lol
the song is crap, no doubt about it and he's famous? not with that song anymore....
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