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Anyone who has a Netflix account, or On-Demand knows that the second you get hooked on a show, there really is no reason to stop until you finished all 7 seasons in 5.5 days. Binge watching TV has become an American pass time which should be concerning, yet because I am currently in the middle of one myself, I really can't judge.
For all of us binge watchers out there, we all go through the same stages while aggressively watching anything we can find about our show.
1. You watch the first episode and feel like you have been punched in the face. How could you have went so long without watching this show? Life has now changed forever.
2. You immediately move onto episode 2...and then 3 and then 6 and then...the whole first season is done and it is 4am and you have to wake up in 3 hours. But it's all good because you can NOT believe how that shit left off.
3. You rush home after work and make up excuses as to why you can't hang out with your friends. Needing to watch 11 hours of Shameless doesn't usually cut it as an excuse so feeling sick works a lot better.
4. You drag yourself to work on almost no sleep because you just HAD to see what was coming next. People tell you to get some sleep and you tell them you'll be in bed the second you get home, you just don't tell them that your Netflix will be snuggling with you.
5. You get someone else into the show too so that you can watch together. And text about it. And meet up to talk about it. And send each other spoilers and gifs throughout the day.
6. Your Netflix keeps making sure you are still watching. Don't worry, you don't feel embarrassed at all. Silly Netflix thinking you don't know how to bindge watch.
7. Your OTP (one true pairing) either works out or it doesn't...either way you pretty much freak out.
8. You watch the final episode and you have absolutely no idea what to do with yourself now that you have to wait an entire week before the next episode.
9. And MONTHS for the next season.
10. You feel empty inside as you flick thought the channels trying to find something to compare.
11. The day is finally here and your show is back, everything feel right again.
12. Soooo, you re-watch some old episodes just to refresh your memory, but you end up staying up until the wee hours of the night because, yet again, you just can not stop.
Which is when you realize that you are 100% addicted. Good for you. That kind of dedication takes skill.
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I wish my obsessions stopped when the show stopped.. I need to find all the actors on social media, dedicate my life to the problematic fav, find fanfic for my top, watch fan vids, rematch to pick up on all the stuff I missed, and read every spoiler that surfaces.
And as I am typing this message at 4:24 in the morning, I realize that I have grown an addiction to this app...ayeyayee
@christianmordi my friend and her whole family are super addicted to lost and her brother had to work when the series finale played and they said they taped it but it got erased and he actually cried lmfao so yeah i can see how lost is a very addicting show
I am super guilty of this. I ran through LOST a couple summers back entirely too fast.. after it was done I was like "I've accomplished NOTHING for the past week or so" lol
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