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💜The Way of GD loving Seungri is to Bullying Him.💕
[INDENT]Question: Thing since debut that hasn't changed till now is… Seungri: Me being loved by everyone (the members) MC: Aaaaw.. GD: *shoves the mic to Seungri's face* Seungri: But, GD-san is always bullying me right? For me, that's his way of loving me… GD: *keeps shoving the mic* Taeyang: In my oipinion this is the thing that never changes the most, that GD is always bullying VI-kun is true. GD: *laughs* Seungri: But, that's because GD likes me Taeyang: Is it true? (asking GD) GD: *sings* Sukidayooooo (which means 'I love you')
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