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The first full trailer for Steve Jobs was released recently and with it comes a new age of biopics. The excitement I have for this film comes from the fact that it fits into a (sort of) series of biopics about tech start-ups (the previous film being The Social Network).
Since both The Social Network and Steve Jobs have been written by Aaron Sorkin, it's as if he's ushering in a new kind of biopic. Both these movies (even though Steve Jobs isn't out yet) are acutely aware of technology and its role in society. Sorkin lets us into Steve Jobs' mind and even though it's just a trailer we can get a really good handle on how Jobs' mind worked when creating these products.
I can't wait to see this film mostly because of the connection between this film and The Social Network and how they capture a specific time in our recent history as well as inform us on the people behind technology we still use today.
Steve Jobs will be in theaters October 9th, 2015
Oh man. This looks so good. Kinda dramatic, though I know he was a pretty intense dude so hopefully it reflects things accurately.
I cannot wait to see this film. I loved Social Network and the writing of the film was awesome. I'm excited to see the same people are behind this one as well