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Is it just me or does she look about 20 years older now?

SM denies any plastic surgery rumors but, come on, this is not the same girl! She was already so slim to begin with, there is no way she could have lost all that weight ONLY in her face!
A lot of Korean netizens are speculating that she used f(x)'s hiatus to visit a plastic surgeon and 'shave her face' aka have jaw/chin surgery as well as probably work on her cheeks and nose. There's a lot that makeup and contouring can do, but this is a-whole-nother level!

And is it my imagination or does she suddenly look like a mix of SNSD's Jessica and BoA? Hmm...

So what do you think:

Surgery or just miracle weight loss?

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Whoaaaa~ what the flip?!? Are you sure that's her and not some other girl also named Luna? *mindblown*
@KpopGaby I know its SO different!
@kpopandkimchi I still can't process all of this. Can't stop staring at the pics O_O
Holy crap that's a difference! I thought it was boa in the first pic
What happened to my cutie Luna I couldn't even recognized her. She's look so different omg😢😱