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I started thinking about how I first discovered K-Pop and what my first song was..
A couple of years ago I had been listening to YouTube while cooking in the kitchen and listening to a Japanese band called LEAD. After a LEAD song, YouTube played Mama by Exo and that was my introduction to K-Pop hahahaha (thank you YouTube!)
What was your first K-Pop song? How did you discover it?
protect the boss is hilarious. I love Jaejoong!!!! I've been wanting to watch my love from another star because I heard it was really good. and I've watched coffee Prince. its good.
just got into kpop just about a month ago, my first one was I Need U by BTS and View by Shinee :)
My first song was Fantastic Baby.. I heard it on a anime edit and found out the name of the song they used which led me to kpop
my first one was a teen top song i don't remember which one tho then my second one that i consider my first was solo day or fantastic baby one of those
Mine was Trapped by Henry
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