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Run the Jewels are definitely my favorite hip-hop act out there today, and it's not really even close.
There's so much to like. They're political, they're talented as anyone, they absolutely love each other, and they have a ton of fun with their music, without being afraid to turn on a really serious switch every once in a while. Killer Mike has made some really powerful statements regarding the state of racism in America, and often uses his shows to speak his mind, not limiting himself to just music.
2014's Run the Jewels 2 is the best hip hop album I've heard since... well, maybe 2013's Run the Jewels.
Part of what I love about it so much is the fact that this isn't usually the kind of music I'm into. I like hip-hop, but not usually the stuff that's as dark and intense as Run the Jewels' music. It's so different than anything else I really listen to, but, goddamn do I love these guys.
"Early" is one of the standout tracks from the 2014 album, and it's linked above.
El-P and Killer Mike also did a Black Cab Session for the song, though, and it's really, really awesome.
Check it out here. I can't find a direct link to the video, but you'll find it on that page.
If you turn the sound off for a minute (which I don't really recommend, seeing as then you couldn't hear them), it almost looks like they're just having a conversation with one another. They're nearly expressionless, but you can still feel the energy that they bring to their verses. BOOTS, the vocalist, is great, too. And he kinda comes out of nowhere in this video.
Rumors of Run the Jewels 3 have already begun circulating (and have been fed by the duo themselves), and I can't wait. These guys are on fire, and have been for two years now.
I have seen them sellout Irving Plaza in NYC (holds 1k) and artists with a hit single struggle to fill a room of 400. Goes to show that if you stay in your lane and work quality music the base will grow with time
Awesome card, please do more like this. Run The Jewels are one of those niche duos that once you stumble upon you become a die hard fan. I would say RTJ and MF Doom are in that lane of artists who are highly successful without a "mainstream" hit
and yeah, you're totally right about them not having a hit. most of their music is too...'much' to ever hit the radiowaves hahah
definitely my man. RTJ are so infectious... they're so intense. i saw them last year at a festival and they were an absolute standout. incredible chemistry between Mike and El
@christianmordi check it out man