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When you are an internationally-known supermodel, you get to wear the most extravagant clothes from the most famous designers. It's easy to fall into a sweatpants and t-shirt habit when you are an off-duty model. But not for Jourdan Dunn. Her amazing style doesn't stop when she steps off the runway.

Street style

Jourdan is a queen at look effortlessly chic. I wish I could figure out how she manages to look so chic without looking like she is trying at all. Part of what makes Jourdan style work so well is that she matches classic staple pieces, like a graphic tee or skinny jeans, with a piece that has a little more flair, like color-block jeans or a funky hat. She knows how to balance classic pieces with statement pieces for a truly unique look.

Red carpet style

On the red carpet, Jourdan likes to straddle the fence between sexy sophisticate, and she does it so well. She made a jumpsuit give off a sexy vibe with cutouts. She paired a plunging minidress with minimal accessories and a classy hairstyle to balance to sexy vibe of the dress. She rocked a crop top with a maxi skirt to balance the lots of skin she was showing on the top with a covered-up bottom half.

Professional style

In a world where many people think that dressing professionally means you can only wear drab colors, Jourdan breaks that mold. She likes to wear colorful pieces paired with neutral staples. She is one celebrity that does the "pop of color" trend incredibly well.

Keep taking the fashion world by storm, Jourdan!