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As part of my ongoing collection 'Superhero Workouts', here's a routine inspired by everyone's favorite billionaire playboy philanthropist: Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

You thought the suit does all the work?

Totally wrong. Wearing the suit takes serious endurance. It's not always a smooth ride. It's like driving a race car. Sure, there's an engine underneath you, but you've got to be in complete control of an incredibly powerful machine. Think you can handle it?

The Workout

This workout will definitely build muscle- but it's really designed to increase your endurance and flexibility. If you're piloting a suit, you need to be prepared for the pressure of flight, and have enough strength to persevere even as the machine you're piloting is assaulted by a barrage of super-powered obstacles.
The workout will challenge you, especially as you increase your sets. It targets your arms, legs, and abs, so make sure that if you switch up your routine you give each area enough time to rest between sets.


To prepare for the role, Robert Downey Jr. actually decreased his cardio, and increased the amount of weight he was lifting. This was in addition to studying the Wing Chun technique that Bruce Lee made famous. If you're looking to diversify your workout, adding a martial art or a few sets of weighted pull-ups will give you additional muscle bulk.

The Music

Sure, it seems like an obvious choice. But we know from Tony Stark's vintage band t-shirts that he has excellent taste in music. And he's more than a little self-centered. Turn up the Black Sabbath and feel badass while you're pushing your limits.

The cool-down

Remember those green smoothies Tony Stark was shotgunning during Iron Man 2? Yeah, this is your version of that. You probably don't have palladium poisoning, but you still need lots of vitamins and protein to help your body recover after a hardcore workout.
1/2 cup fresh red grapefruit juice 1 cup destemmed kale 1 large sweet apple, cored and roughly chopped 1 cup chopped cucumber 1/2 cup chopped celery (1 med. stalk) 3-4 tablespoons hemp hearts (I use 4 tbsp) 1/4 cup frozen mango 1/8 cup fresh mint leaves 1/2 tablespoon virgin coconut oil (optional) 3-4 ice cubes, as needed
Juice half of a large red grapefruit and add 1/2 cup grapefruit juice to the blender. Now add the kale, apple, cucumber, celery, hulled hemp seeds, mango, mint, coconut oil, and ice. Blend on high until super smooth. (If using a Vitamix, use the tamper stick to push it down until it blends). You can add a bit of water if necessary to get it blending. Pour into a glass and enjoy immediately! This makes enough for a large glass with some leftover so you can also divide it into two servings.

And remember: We are all Iron Man.

This is awesome! I like how you included all aspects of the workout, including music and post-workout snack :D very cool!! (and I'm glad you included that *probably* in "you probably don't have palladium poisoning." lol!)
I agree 馃榿馃榿
@buddyesd lol that's fine acting grown up is totally overrated most of the time
I kind of never really grew out of it lol
@buddyesd go for it! I kind of hate working out, but if I'm pretending to be a superhero usually I can get through it! Way more fun that way at least :D
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