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This is a great DIY project for those of us who have tons of old t-shirts lying around. I have lots of old t-shirts (from camps and events) that I don't want to wear as t-shirts anymore but that I also don't want to throw away. This is a great way to repurpose an old t-shirt into something unique. And you don't have to sew at all! This project comes from the creative people at WobiSobi.


All you need for this project is an old t-shirt, a ruler, studs (you can find them at a local craft store), scissors and chalk (for drawing lines on your t-shirt).

Draw the lines

Don't just start cutting! I promise (from experience) that will end in disaster. Draw a straight line all the way across the front of the shirt across the chest area. Then draw vertical lines from that line all the way up to the shoulder of the t-shirt.

Cut away

Use your scissors to cut along the vertical lines — do not cut along the horizontal line! Then cut out every second vertical piece, like the picture shows.

Add studs

Attach the studs to create a lattice pattern, as the picture shows. Make sure that the studs are securely fastened so that they will not come out when you wear the shirt.

You now have repurposed your old t-shirt into something creative and unique!

so making a few of these. I have so many old t~shirts its crazy. I will be making a trip to the craft store for really cool rhinestones. so excited.! :-)
love it!
I'm horrible with scissors. I'm worse than a kindergarteners