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When you love a show, you obviously love the regulars on it, but what's better than a really awesome guest star?? Not only is it someone really famous, but it's a character that fits perfectly with the series for an episode or two. Tons of sitcoms have awesome, funny guest stars (and I would love to hang out back stage with them and the regulars), but I've picked a couple of my all-time faves.
Okay, obviously The Office was never the same after Michael Scott left, but if anyone could fill the title of "world's best boss" after him, it was Will Ferrell. He is equally as ridiculous, his best guest star scene featuring him juggling invisible balls to Evanescence's Bring Me to Life. Although he couldn't survive Dunder Mifflin, he was the perfect first attempt to finding Michael Scott's replacement.
Jamie Lee Curtis could almost be Zooey Deschanel's real mom. Both quirky and goofy, it's obvious where Jess Day gets her personality. The best line from this episode is Jess telling her mom "I can't wait to eat cat food with you", a perfect representation of their weird relationship that no one besides them can fully comprehend.
Sorry, but I just can't pick the best Mindy Project guest star. Mindy Kaling is so awesome that she can just get all these famous funny dudes to come on her show and play her love interests...what a life!!! I'd say BJ Novak, Seth Rogen, Set Meyers, Mark Duplass and Ders are my favorites here, but they all had their own unique purpose for Mindy at the time, each one as awesome as the last.
Okay, again, too many awesome guest stars to choose from. Liz Lemon's love interests are right up their with Mindy's, and this photo doesn't even include Jon Hamm!! Liz's weird, spinster-y habits have her attracting some strange guys, often referred to as her list of "really terrible boyfriends". While the characters are sometimes terrible, the guest stars are always comedically compatible with Liz, making for some hilarious romance.
Her? Yes, Mae Whitman as Ann Veal in Arrested Development definitely makes the list because she's a running joke for most of the series. George Michael's bland girlfriend and Gob's eventual fiance is the least memorable character on the show, making her the show's best joke. Her ultimate guest scene is when, in typical Ann fashion, she gets left in Mexico by The Bluths because everyone forgot she was there in the first place.
I'm obsessed with Jamie Lee Curtis' role in New Girl!
@Gavriella I know right, the casting director here did the best job.