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Just once,
baby, honey,
darlin o' mine,
just once
I want you to see
in yourself
what I always seen.
My sweet,
just kick off 'em heels
kick around
in these battered
boots o' mine
maybe in my shoes
baby cakes
you look and see
all the beautiful things
I see
See the crinkle in your eye
that came laughter
see the furrow in your brow
from thinkin' deep
see the way your mouth
curls in the corners
tuggin' on smile strings
Oh lovely,
just once
walk a minute
in my shoes
then maybe, just maybe
you'll remember
the princess
you was born to be.
"Yes, I wish that for just one time
You could stand inside my shoes
You'd know what a drag it is
To see you"
Of course, this daily influx of lyric was brought to us by the letter J, as in user @jeff4122 and his lyric of the day collection. Need some new music? Or some older music that's new to you? Check it out. you'll be happy you did.
It definitely comes through really clearly, which is awesome
@jeff4122 thanks man. I feel like this is one of few poems i've done where the artist of the original song shines a little bit in the poem
Thanks for the shoutout! nice poem. you did a really good job in capturing Dylan's poetic voice here.