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Today in the News...

1. President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata died at age 55. We are Toadily sadden by this news.
2. Comcast is releasing an online TV service. Good thing, Comcast is so old it was practically streaming to be revamped!
3. The EU made a decision about what to do with Greece. And this “a-Greek-ment” is forcing Greece to make a lot of change...They fortune(tly) got a bit of a break.
4. Scott Walker joins the presidential race. He needs to take it one step at a time. (Get it, because he’s a walker?)
This card is part of the Punny News Collection. I make a joke of the news.
the toadily one was good lol
@jokes I'm glad you enjoyed it. I felt like only Nintendo fans would get it, and it would add to the humor :)
Every time I read this post, I want to laugh like the Sesame Street Count after every pun.
MUHAHAHAAH is my reaction when I get people to laugh at stupid puns! @danidee