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Being the eldest is a tough job. Here are 5 problems eldest children end up having. It takes an eldest child to know.

1. No matter what you do, you're setting a standard.

It doesn't matter how cool or removed you think you are, your siblings are always going to look up to you, and your parents are always going to want you to set an example for them. That's a lot of pressure!

2. You have to do things first.

You're the first one to drive, the first one to strike out on your own, and you're probably the first one that has to deal with financial aid for college. It's up to you to figure out the things that your parents aren't so sure about, so that you can teach your siblings too. Being the first one to do things involves a lot of trial and error, so give yourself a wide berth

3. You never get away with anything.

If your little brother or sister does something wrong, they're ultimately exonerated. You on the other hand are culpable for everything, even if it's not your fault. Why? Because you're the oldest. That's all.

4. Everything is your fault.

Like I said, everything is your fault because you're the oldest. You're automatically the most responsible one, and you're automatically the one at fault. Did your brother break something? Your fault. Did your sister lose something? Your fault.
Don't even ask questions, it's just your fault.

5. You're special!

You're the first born. You're always going to be held to a higher standard because, well you were first. You were born a leader whether you like it or not, so embrace the fact that you were the first one! There are worse could be a middle child ;)
Everything You mentioned is dead on. You must always behave you must always figure it out by yourself cause your parents are busy with the younger ones. Sometimes your like a mini adult being the oldest.
I agree, wear it proud and wear it often
im a twin, but i was technically born first, and these rules still apply 100%
Ha! I love the GIFs and photos you used. I can't imagine how annoying is to be the older child. You're also sort of like the kinda parent as the older child lol.
but first born always have something to be proud of..being number 1..and yes it's always your fault..wear it proud.
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