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International Age TaeYang - 6 years older RapMon - 2 weeks younger
the day I feel old is the day my bias is younger than me but you know there are groups out right now with members my age like why IM WATCHING YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND YOU GUYS ARE WORKING SO HARD TOWARDS YOUR DREAM CAREER 😭😭 good luck to all of them I know so many of them have had so many hard times during their trainee years
SungGyu 8 years older Onew 7 years older Junhyung 7 years older DongWoo 6 years older Suga 4 years older....everyone is older than me but as @VixenViVi said age is but a number so I can have all of them! :)
my age difference goes from 2-9 years depending on the bias, I have too many but I love them all lol
technically their american ages are younger then their korean ages, sooooo, 6 years? :D
@DanieTate I'm 18
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