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Are you in love with Cross Gene? No? WELL THATS INSANE!!!!!! They are a multinational boyband that has been together since 2012. Their voices are REALLY GOOD and they have some really catchy songs. Plus if it wasnt obvious already they are SO. FREAKIN. HOT
Did i mention they are super cute too xD. Each member has a different type of "gene" that show their individuality and personality☆.

Takuya Terada

- He is the leader/vocalist of the group - He was born in Japan - His birthday is March 18, 1992 - He is the Gorgeous gene (he is able to captivate you, just by looking into your eyes♡♡♡)

Shin Won Ho

- Everyone calls him Shin - He is the vocalist/visual of the group - He was born in South Korea - His birthday is October 23, 1991 - He is the Presh gene (he shines the brightest and anything he touches will shine just like him) SOOOO CUTE


- His real name is Chu XiaoXiang - He is the Rapper/Dancer of the group - He was born in China - His birthday is March 20th, 1991 - He is the Wild Chic gene ( He can speak to and embody the creatures of the wild *rawr*, but dont let that fool you he is really ticklish and a supersweet heart xD)


- He is the Rapper/Dancer of the group - He was born in South Korea - His birthday is July 7th, 1992 - He is the Organic gene (he can control the forces of nature, wind, water, earth, fire, plus he is too silly for his own good xD)


- He is the vocalist of the group - He was born in South Korea - His birthday is February 8th, 1990 - He joined the group to take the place of former member JG. - He is the Miracle gene (the members think of him as miracle for filing such a position in so little time. He is there when he is needed *like a miracle* xD)


- He is the lead vocalist/maknae - He was born in South Korea - His birthday is January 8th, 1993 - He is the Mypace gene (*i didnt get the name either* he is able to bring life and excitement to dull and boring situations. He is forced to come up with all the fun activities by his hyungs xD)
Lastly the former member.....


- He was the Lead Vocalist of the group - He was born in China - His birthday is January 12, 1993 - He left the group to pursue a solo career - He was the Destiny gene ( he had the power to guide those trapped in the dark with his light of vertue.*His voice could probably guide you to heaven*)
Through all of their struggles to stay a float this group is actually really good. They really embrace the international concept of their group. I mentioned their former member because he was with them for a long time before he left so he is in a lot of the pictures and videos revolved around the group. I discovered them a long time ago and LOVED THEM. I just fell in love with them all over again a few weeks ago, and i thought i should share their awesomeness with you xD (and i will not lie the definition of their genes is kinda corny ) *i do not own any of these beautiful gifs*
I freakin love this group! Glad a lot more people are liking their music :)
@najalong1998, I can't take credit for that hahaha I had seen a similar comment on YouTube xD I'm not a huge fan of zombies, but I did like Warm Bodies!
Same here only like two friends who are into this kind of stuff. That is awesome @ErinGregory telling your sister that Billion Dollar was The Walking Dead HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH pure genius! Everyone has their zombie alternative look at Warm Bodies xD
@najalong1998, I don't know a lot of people who listen to this kind of music (I know a total of one person IRL lol) so I can't spread the word very far, but I've already posted two of their videos on FB hahaha my sister is a huge Walking Dead fan so I tagged her in Billion Dolla telling her The Walking Dead has it wrong, why kill the zombies when you can turn them into your dancing minion slaves! Lmfao she's gonna kill me.... worth it. xD
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Billion Dolla was HILARIOUS XD. They are pretty freaking awesome but their popularity kind of lowered after JG left. But they are coming back strong and their songs are so catchy that everyone is falling in love with them quickly ♡♡♡. I'm so glad you like them so far spread the word of their awesomeness xD
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