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So, this is a photo story that I made for academy of film making (for on of the courses) few years ago. It is a legend at one of the Slovenias castle. The story is based on actual legend about a woman called "white lady". She was an extremely beautiful woman that got married to cesar. People were amazed by her beauty and she loved it, she wasn't too innocent herself, she loved flirting with staff in the castle. Her husband was extremely jealous and tired of her behavior so he decided to get rid of her. He actually built a wall around her and let her die, and he was watching how they captured her and ignored all her begging while making out with his new soon to be wife. After she died people claimed that they've seen her ghost. Even tho this happened few hundred years ago people still keep on seeing her ghost. While I was researching story I actually interviewed people that currently work in the castle and few of them were completely sure in the existence of ghost. I've done this photostory about two years ago and till today i'm still amazed by the story of a white lady, taking photos in the castle was an interesting experience and it might have felt as if there was a presence of someone that was constantly watchig. What about you? Do you have any ghost stories and do you believe in ghosts?
if you ask me, it's not about subscribtion. Just take the story in and let yourself go. :) And thank you.
this is pretty cool. I don't know how much I subscribe to the concept of ghosts, but I do enjoy a good ghost story.
Yeah, I’m going to look up that specific legend and get back to you!
you should relly do that. I had so much fun on that project. And since I was the organizer and director, I can tell you, you won't regret it.
Yeah, I would be interested in doing some research on that too! I’m fascinated with ghost stories and legends @rodiziketan!
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