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We've all had them, go ahead and admit it.

Yeah, I'm talking about those annoying, mildly psychotic thoughts that come creeping in the back of your mind when he doesn't reply. You're engaging in an amazing conversation and then he randomly stops replying. All kinds of thoughts start to surface and you go insane for a second questioning your sanity and where your relationship stands. It doesn't take long before you're listening to love songs and eating a pint of ice-cream to keep your cool. Mind you, it's only been fifteen minutes since you pressed send -- relax. He will text you back.
Who am I fooling? I panic every single time, so I'm not here to judge. If you've ever had to wait for a guy to reply to your text and felt like time stopped, then you're probably rather family with these seven thoughts that immediately go through your mind when he doesn't text you back.

Did I Say Something Wrong?

The first thought that goes through your mind is questioning if you said something that might of put him off a bit. You anxiously go back through your message thread examining already sent messages trying to inspect each and every thing you said.

I Hope He Wasn't Texting And Driving.

Although it's not that far fetch, when he doesn't reply all kinds of thoughts pop into your head. You can easily turn into a Negative Nancy within minutes. I know it's hard, but be patient and positive. He will text you back.

Maybe He's Busy Texting Someone Else

Thinking negatively will not get him to text you back any faster. Take a chill pill and do something to take your mind off of him for the time being before you drive yourself crazy.

He Might Of Blocked My Number

It's usually us women who do the blocking, so don't even question that. If anything, he would probably tell you before he decides to erase all ties with you for good. Your number is still saved.

He Doesn't Find Me Attractive

If he didn't find you attractive to begin with, he probably wouldn't have been texting you. Let's be realistic.

Maybe I Should Send An Emoji And See If He Replies.

Sending an emoji probably won't do much, but if you insist -- it never hurts to try. Just don't make yourself look desperate in the process of doing so.

He Texted Me! Oh, That's Just A Twitter Notification.

Don't get your hopes up when your phone goes off. It could be him, but if not, that's just more disappointment coming your way. Stop waiting by the phone and go do something to keep yourself busy.

Ladies, are you a worry wart when it comes to waiting for a guy to text you back?

A word of advice for everyone including myself - it's never that deep.

Overthinking is thee worst. We all are guilty of it!
Seriously unreplied texts are traumatic. True I have been through all those 7. l concluded no more texting. Just call. If he is busy he will tell me. l have left traumas for the Greys Anatomy cast. 馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉
@caricakes that's always my first thought too, I have to relax and remind myself that timing is everything. I think we are so involved in technology that often times we put too much thought into things and it's never really that deep. @Kirsssten I'm the QUEEN of overthinking, so I know first hand. It sucks.
My first thought is always "omg I must be so annoying, am I texting him too much?" but its usually something dumb like he was having dinner or something haha
I don't worry lol. Guy I am seeing did not text me this entire weekend and that felt very freeing lol. I need my space, sometimes. I know for me personally, I am not much of a texter. People know it's easier to reach me via Facebook chat, since I am actually glued to my laptop all the time. Just remember that texting isn't what makes-or-breaks a relationship/friendship.
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