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Aura The Band is of my favorite bands from back home. Originally from Little Havana, Miami, the band creates a music mix of rock, alternative, and blues. They have a new video that was just released a few days ago for a song called, "Aqui Te Espero." Aura The Band produces music in both English and Spanish. They have music available on iTunes and on Spotify. You can also find their music on YouTube. Enjoy!
They're amazing, I promise. :)
ok, you got me obsessed with them after only 2 songs. I love "Listening" They are totally my-kind-of band. "loadingonitunesnow"
Awesome! I suggest taking a listen to their song called, "Listening." You can find it on YouTube. I have that song on repeat. ^_^ @rodizketan
I am really tired from the crazy day out, so I will definetly put their tunes on, while slowly falling asleep. I think they will be a perfect fit.
Yay, I am glad that you do! They are such a talented band. If you haven't already, listen to more of their music. They've got beautiful tunes. <3 @rodiziketan
omg, I love this so much.