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Today, Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin announced he is running for President. Known for his controversial reform in Wisconsin battling unions and enacting conservative policies in Wisconsin, he’s a GOP fav. You could even say he’s one of the top tier of Republican contenders for the presidency.
But what happens when Scott Walker is taking a walk? That is the real question we want to know the answer to!

Here’s what happens when this presidential candidate takes a stroll:

1. He pulls out his phone and Tweets

Good job Scott Walker, you officially made your first tweet one of the cutest. Now he’s known for his funny and simple tweets. You should probably follow him on this path...

2. He takes his two sons with him

I mean they truly do love each other. The boys even gave some thoughts about their dad running: "Today our Dad, Scott Walker, is announcing his candidacy for President. If you ask him why, he’ll say the same as he always has, “Matt and Alex.”’ Awww he’s doing it for them. He would gladly take them on the journey of going for a walk!

3. He does NOT take a dog for a walk

He’s actually allergic to dogs, and his aversion to man’s best friend so that could be a political side-effect.

4. He walks the Plank

Well, sorta. Scott Walker seems to actually really enjoy Pirate jokes.
Check out the 404 page on his website: Walker2016

Well, now you know what it’s like to go on a walk with Scott Walker. Now we will just have to see how things because of his decision to RUN for President.

I'm sorry if I've offended anyone but facts are facts and I have a very strong opinion about him and saying his name leave a decaying taste in my mouth. he needs to be fired and not president.
It's sad that you don't have to do well at your previous political positions to make to higher up positions these days. Just need to know people and have $$$$$$
Thanks for giving your opinion @ZoeMe! My parents live in Wisconsin and have a similar experience. It seems he really doesn't value education as much (I also read that he never received a college degree), but conservative leaders really favor him...for what? I'm not sure.
Also our streets are polluted with dead animals because he got rid of clean up crew.
Twitter research sounds dangerous.
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