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i know you probably saw the movie if not go amd do it :) and no this is not review and if so then just a bit :) ....those who saw it know that there are certain scenes in the movie where TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) from BIGBANG shows more skin then ever :) .... and yes those scenes are ..... lets sey nice ;) but i still havevmy favorites elsewhere ... and when i saw @poojas card about TOP aegyo i remembered those scenes...they happen to be in like the forst 20 mins of the movie ... when Daegil sees mine first when he talks to her and gets beaten and then similar expression when he saw Lee Honey (who i think acted as president woo ) ... those faces and expressions are just ..amazing :)
that is when Daegil sees Mina first time :D just suits the image of cute naive umanered village gambling boy :D
actually the whole scene at Mina's brother's place is just funny... from the eay Daegil talks to him and the tone of voice to the cheeky and cute smile and gestures and i wont even mention the way he talks to her :D ... i would say that mission to create image of naive unmanered village gambling boy with his heart pure and showing emotions completed :) and when i saw the face he made when Mina started to yell ....and whe. his ass got kicked by Mina's brother :D just hilarious .. but enough of me talking here about it ...bellow you can enjoy the whole scene ..well minus the face he made for Lee Honey but that one wasnt much different from the one hr made for Mina :)
not that in the scene when Choi Seung Hyun shows more skin than ever isnt enough interestong things to see but this just TOPs everything ...if you watch the film here you have chance right in the beginning to see what Daegil is like :) and if you count in how funny all this is ... :D ( i think it is funny and cute :D ) anyways my second card i think is completed hopes are that you enjoyed the scene at least a bit if not as much as i did :)
Yay another member in the TOP fandom @poojas @CathC
yeah there were scenes when i was a bit ... well u know all those dark and tough scenes there so u can imagine @poojas :)
Great card, again! :) And omg, this movie gave me so many different emotions. Like you said, he was super cute from the beginning when he was trying to impress her but aaahhh, the movie got so violent and intense. It was crazy! @stevieq We have another TOP fan over here!!! XD