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Cham cham chaaaaam! *Fails over and over* XD Yo, thank god I don't play this game often cause I'd be slapped over and over like Yijeong is right here LOL.
Friendship is accepting the...germs of each other? XD. Oh, Jaeho, what are you doing to your poor members hahahaha ♡
If I'm reborn as a guy, this is one of the first things I want to do just because LOOK AT IT they make it look so fun. XD (I mean, who doesn't like pretending to be cool sometimes?)
I have no comment for those who thought Kyungil (sleeveless shirt) was the dominant one just because of the gif above. Those lines though. They affect BL lovers in so many ways. HAHAHA. Okay.
When you are bored...or just want to bother your hyung who is in the middle of speaking and fulfilling his role as leader. It's nice that they're close to the point in which Kyungil plays with Yijeong's hands too, as he is talking~ :3
When practicing gets tired, the people you are practicing with end up being your biggest comfort ♡. I'm sure they stayed up and worked really hard on their choreo and song recordings, but look at them enjoying each other's company anyway XD. It's actually extremely admirable!
Friends....sometimes....pretend to be drunk and fight each other? Or is it just them LOL what the hell are these two doing XD
But at the end of the know. They show their...professional side. XD. You didn't expect this, did you? They're leader Kyungil's personal hershey bar abs. Yupppp. Take it all in. LOLOL ♡♡♡
This is the randomest post ever by far, and honestly, I have no idea what I just wrote. Hehehe.
You can move along...and continue whatever you were doing. xD
This post is just... great, its great
@kpopchicken I did XD I make a fangirl noise every time you post Kyungil/Yijeong anything. Finally others with my history feels!
@VixenViVi I'm glad you enjoyed the moment I had with myself as I wrote this LOL