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Stalks of dazzling light.
A Forest that fights
with shining beauty the night.
Illuminating bright,
shadows fear where hope alights.
Empty beams, no evil in sight.
Cast out, foul demons, for you, no respite.
Bleed out, die out, ruinious blight.
The plight
of the knight
adorned in light,
performing last rites
on those wights
he is forced to smite.
But it will soon be all right.
He takes strange delight
in his actions despite
the choking fright
The winter invites
strange folk who indict
or valiant hero outright.
how impolite.
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I'm not usually a big supporter of formatting (bold, italics, the like) in writing, but I have seen that you use bold quite well in your pieces in a way that actually increases the visual interest in the piece, and the overall impact.