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Baking up over here in that summa sunnnnn! Honestly, high temperatures are not my thing and once it approaches the 85 marker, I'm basically KO'ed LOL. What about you guys?
Any plans over the summer? What did you guys do so far? Comment below!! Not sure what I did, but I know for sure that it isn't my summer homework HAHAHA. P.S. Beast is like BAEEEEE. Yoseob has been with me since day 1 of my KPOP journey xD. But I can actually list some accomplishments in the Korean world I've gone thru so far...
I clearly am enjoying SMTM4, and it's basically the best show ever right now LOL
I've also very happily completed Jeju Gatsby (aka Warm & Cozy) and it was the cutest most funny drama ever!
I'm currently also watching High Society starring our lovely UEE and Sungjoon! I would say I ship them but...SORRY, KWANGHEE TOOK HIS PLACE!! IF YOU DON'T GET IT, PLEASE HEAD OVER TO INFINITY CHALLENGE AND CHECK OUT THEIR REALLY SERIOUS BLIND DATE >///////< ♡♡♡
But the most recent enjoyment is Infinity Challenge!! They've started their project up again, the Summer Concert of 2015, and this time they've invited amazing guests like JYP, IU, Zion T., etc, and not to be ignored, GD & Taeyang! Legit, GD & TAEYANG CHOSE TO PAIR WITH KWANGHEE I AM SO EFFING EXCITED IDK IF ANYONE UNDERSTANDS LOL and TBH Jaesuk's performance of BAE BAE was something to die for. The impersonations were perfect, everyone was laughing and grooving along XDD #FEELINGPRIDEFORKWANGHEE #KWANGHEEISBACK