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Anyone heard about Namjoon saying Taehyung and Hoseok are too black? What do you guys think? alot of fans are disappointed.......i honestly don't see why......i mean it was not meant to be offensive i mean come on its rap monster........but what do you think??
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I know he isn't racist but he can be a little ignorant half of the fandom are people of color tbh what he said was very offensive
yes...I have heard...it is everywhere on all the kpop social platforms I'm on. omg. first, let us understand that "black" does not mean brown-skinned like it does in western countries. in korea, it literally refers to Koreans with tan skin. I think it may just mean "dark" in general. now, as for the statement itself, I don't really agree. I always thought that rap monster had/has the darkest skin. but it's not like I actually freaking care. you know, comments like this actually make rap monster feel like crap, and it's sad that people are so quick to jump on stuff like this. god, it gives me a headache. I'm still reeling from the chanyeol/Kai thing...
Seriously don't care, I'm dark skinned and all throughout high-school me and my friends made fun of each other, we were all different shades some were white some were extremely dark and no one gave two fucks because when your with friends insulting each other is a given, true friends give insults, no one was trying to be racist and no one was harping on people's feelings it was all fun, if we went to far we apologized and went on our merry way, why can't Rapmonster do the same? Why is it racist for him to say that to his friends? Did he say it to a fan? No Did he go around saying that being black is bad? No, people need to take a fucking chill pill and hope of his dick for real.... rant over
@netchiBates You are my idol.
Lol thanks @MacyAppleton