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The peplum silhouette (with a flair at the waist) is swinging back into style, like many other fashions from the past (check out how palazzo pants and shirtdresses are coming back also). Let's look back at the peplum history and how you can rock the peplum silhouette and look modern and chic.

Peplum history

The peplum trend first became commercially popular during the 30s and 40s. It was a way to add flair and shape to classic skirt and blouse combos. Christian Dior's designs with the peplum were part of the reason it became incredibly popular during this time period. The silhouette created a more defined hourglass shape, which was popular during that time period.

Modern peplum

The modern peplum style is a little higher than in previous decades and comes in many different forms. The key to making the peplum look modern and flattering is to always try it on. Different forms of peplum fit people differently and you want to make sure that you are buying something that will look flattering on you. You want the flair to go out right underneath your waist.

Peplum forms

The peplum silhouette comes in many different forms and versions. You can rock the classic peplum shirt or dress or you can go for the peplum jacket, which combines the look of a blazer with the modern peplum silhouette.

Peplum inspiration

Here is some more peplum style inspiration to help you pull off the flattering trend. Remember to always try on any piece of clothing with peplum! You'll thank me later.