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For the cost of some thread and some permanent glue, which is nothing since you probably already own that stuff, you can have really cute, chic tribal inspired flip flops. So while some of your friends are spending upwards of $70 for some sandals, you can smile real big for saving that money on other things, like, beach parking! OMG Don't get me started on beach parking!!
So basically, begin wrapping the thread around your flip flop strap. Just make sure you wind in a tight non-overlapping way. The bars of color on the strap can be as thick or thin as you like, but it's best to make them random in size and different to each other. With a little bit of permanent glue, tack the ends of the threads in place and let them sit.
How absolutely cute and adorable! Now you're ready to head to the beach. Let your friends drive so they can pay for parking! <3