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I don't think I will ever understand how people look fashionable in airports. Every time I travel, I look like I just rolled out of bed (because, most likely, I just did roll out of bed). Charlize Theron is killing it in airport chic fashion with this comfy, yet chic outfit. Here is a recreation of her look for much cheaper. Fly away in style!

Black skinny jeans

Start your look off right with a pair of classic black skinny jeans. Look for a pair that are stretchy so that you will still be comfortable after hours of sitting on a plane or a sprint to your next gate. Black skinny jeans are also a great staple that you should have in your wardrobe — they go with everything!

Patterned tank

On top, rock a loose-fitting black and white printed tank top. The loose fit will help keep you cool and comfortable while still being fashionable.

Oversized cardigan

This is a great piece of clothing to have when going on a trip. Those airplane cabins can get really cold and you need a big, comfy sweater to curl up in when you want to nap for a few minutes.


Add a black satchel and a pair of black sunglasses and you are ready to travel in style!