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So I just finished watching the newly subbed Show Me the Money 4 episode. I'm super sad about a few of the people that got eliminated but what can you do. But let's talk about what Song Mino said. If you haven't seen the episode yet I suggest you go watch it now or go read this article. http://www.soompi.com/2015/07/12/winners-mino-personally-apologizes-for-controversial-rap-on-show-me-the-money-4/ I'm super disgusted by what he said. Yes I understand in general people in hip hop say disrespectful things about women but this was disrespectful. All women have to go to the gynecologist but to treat it like some sexual thing is just rude. I'm super curious to know everyone else's opinion.
@VixenViVi I can see how people can take offense to it. But compared to the other stuff in hip hop it isn't that bad. But he's in Korea so you know they don't like it.
As far as a degrading line, I don't take offense by it but I can see how some might. Its actually pretty mild compared to some raps about the same subject. Just how I see it.