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That's what's written in French on his T-shirt
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ooooooh me too! it must be so cute! do you know he likes French author Guillaume Musso? Random fact but I like this author so I was happy when I discovered that :) Yeah, I think he's the best one in English among the group :)
ouahhh I didn't know that ! Do you think that Guillaume Musso's books are translated in korean or maybe Min Hyuk has read his books in french o.O or in english?
actually I was so surprised when I read that! I think the book was translated in Korean since there's an article in Korean about him in Wikipedia and I don't think Min Hyuk is fluent in English or French (though it'd be a nice surprise!). Lol wouldn't it be fabulous if we could hear him speak French? ^_^
yeah! Maybe he will try to speak French someday^^
@nenelle that'd be the gretest thing eveeer!!! :D