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People on twitter are literally calling him ugly and saying horrible stuff about him about him. People should not hate on Namjoon for say that about Taehyung and Hobii i mean come on i mean really that how they get along.....tell me don't you tease your friends....just leave him alone ok they are human as well..humans make mistakes! and they're not perfect i mean yeah they might seem like it but they're not nobody is...........ARMY so just be supporting and loving them for what they do i really hope everything goes ok with bts
Just leave Namjoon alone ok there no need for this at all...... i saw this comment and totaly agree with it (the one on the bottom in bold just clarify)........
"YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES ME ANNOYED?! When Netizens always get their pantys in a twist about every single thing an idol says that seems offensive in America. KOREA IS NOTORIOUS FOR BEING SOMEWHAT RACIST. Its nothing new in korea. They did black face on tv, they are scared of them, etc even before and after segregation, but it has died down theses days. Even though it has stopped now, people still make jokes about skin color because of the pale skin beauty statement in korea. If you are even a little bit tan, they joke about being black and the infamous "where did so and so go?" when the lights turn off continues to be passed around. Korea hasn't really been exposed to other cultures and their sensitivities and just now they have been seeing more of the world and the people of each country as more and more races visit or live in Korea. Just wait a bit more and they will start to see what is and isn't appropriate to say, especially when the whole world is now watching them."
.....so yeah just please leave him alone.....please....he really didn't mean it in an offensive way.....ARMYs should be supportive and let him know nicely if it did hurt them they will understand there is really no need to go the extreme...i mean come on don't tell me you haven't said a joke like this to your friends or your friends to you......so please let him be
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I wish people didn't turn simple jokes into being racist. I feel sorry for him. I'm mixed and can't tan too well, and with family that's darker that me we joke about things like this all the time, about being both too dark and too light. I don't think it's racist to point out someone's skintone as long as it's not in a derogatory manner. I hope he gains strength from us fans who are supporting him.
Haha I think I'm gonna die of laughter
I'm half black, a kpopper, and ARMY. and I don't find anything wrong with what rapmon said. does it make me a little sad knowing that because of cultural beauty differences that if I ever got a one in a million chance to meet him that he might think different of me because I am darker skinned... a little. but I still absolutely adore him! plus even here in america people say and do worse things that really are offensive and no one says anything to them. so people saying that rapmon should die need to grow up and get a life other than sitting around criticizing other people.
I dont get why rapmon is getting so much hate..... I mean, so what? he made a mistake. what? he cant make one? I mean they are all human, just like all of us. just because they are famous, it doesn't mean that they are not human and do every action perfectly. and not to mention u think it was Jin and Suga, but they said something extremely similar to what rapmon said in almost the exact same context, but they got absolutely to hate from it. like seriously? I think many people have to grow up and realize that rapmon made a mistake and he didnt mean it. we also need to remember that kpop idols are humans just like us