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People on twitter are literally calling him ugly and saying horrible stuff about him about him. People should not hate on Namjoon for say that about Taehyung and Hobii i mean come on i mean really that how they get along.....tell me don't you tease your friends....just leave him alone ok they are human as well..humans make mistakes! and they're not perfect i mean yeah they might seem like it but they're not nobody is...........ARMY so just be supporting and loving them for what they do i really hope everything goes ok with bts
Just leave Namjoon alone ok there no need for this at all...... i saw this comment and totaly agree with it (the one on the bottom in bold just clarify)........
"YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES ME ANNOYED?! When Netizens always get their pantys in a twist about every single thing an idol says that seems offensive in America. KOREA IS NOTORIOUS FOR BEING SOMEWHAT RACIST. Its nothing new in korea. They did black face on tv, they are scared of them, etc even before and after segregation, but it has died down theses days. Even though it has stopped now, people still make jokes about skin color because of the pale skin beauty statement in korea. If you are even a little bit tan, they joke about being black and the infamous "where did so and so go?" when the lights turn off continues to be passed around. Korea hasn't really been exposed to other cultures and their sensitivities and just now they have been seeing more of the world and the people of each country as more and more races visit or live in Korea. Just wait a bit more and they will start to see what is and isn't appropriate to say, especially when the whole world is now watching them."
.....so yeah just please leave him alone.....please....he really didn't mean it in an offensive way.....ARMYs should be supportive and let him know nicely if it did hurt them they will understand there is really no need to go the extreme...i mean come on don't tell me you haven't said a joke like this to your friends or your friends to you......so please let him be
wow that was really messed up to say someone should die is messed up but it's also an insult to those who did die in that car accident that was a tragedy and it's still quite sad and its even more messed up if that was meant as a joke because things like this should never be said as a joke death and suicide are things that one should never joke about it never gets funny nor will it ever become acceptable you can't judge people based on one statement taken out of context understand them and see who they are before you say anything about then
Racism isn't funny, however who doesn't joke with their friends like this? My friends call me too white, I glow in the dark, I blind them when the sun shines on me, etc. I laugh right along with them. His friends probably laughed with him at this. Netizens kill me, they inflict a lot of emotional and psychological damage when they are hurtful towards others to this degree and they need to stop.
@jiggzy19 I'm pretty sure he knows by now if he logged on Twitter. People just don't know how to take a light joke. Why is it that they point out Rap Mon but don't say none when the VIXX groups members tease N about his skin tone. People just wanna hate, but they don't want other hatin' on them -_- hypocrites.
I saw this and almost wanted to cry. This is such harsh criticism for such a miniscule joke. I'm black as heck and my friends ask me all the time where I am when the lights turn off. I laugh my butt off when they say it, and I'm sure they did to. Whoever made that twitter post obviously has no understanding of what friends ship is and how hurtful that must have been for Namjoon. How can someone just wished someone died, that's just cruel, and I'm sure he really felt alot of pain when he read that
whay the heck, why are people soo meannn.. like why would somebody wish to somebody to die... thats fuckin messed up and it made me soo saddd.. like he said it so!! wtf, he is a PERSON too. he curses, jokes around, cries, laughs, just do everything we do... i dont get why some people are such stupid haters.. i just wanna punch these people straight in face for being like that 👊👊👊👊😾🙍.. they always make me soooo madd and saddd. if u r going to be a kpop fan and love them, DO IT RIGHT. 😡😬😬😠😠😠😠 i hope he feels better soon 😢😢😘❤❤❤ we love u and always support you Rap Monster 👍👍👍👍👏💞💕💜
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