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"Of all time" is a strong statement, but it's one that I'm willing to make for The Gang. This friend group creates some of the most politically incorrect and crass comedy on TV, while mixing in some incredibly polished jokes for an almost perfect comedy series.
It's been on for ten seasons and was recently renewed for two more, making it one of the longest running comedy series. Unlike lots of shows, however, Always Sunny stays consistently hilarious, never changing its personality from the first season.
I think the awesomeness of this series stems directly from its incredible characters. The Gang - Charlie, Dennis, Mac, Dee & Frank - are idiots, both together and individually.
The group of drunk bar owners (which is hilariously ironic in itself) are just trying to get by in Philly, although the only reason they have trouble surviving is because of their idiotic tendencies.
Once referred to as "Seinfeld on bath salts", Always Sunny is laugh-out-loud funny and equally as absurd. If you're very sensitive, Always Sunny might not be the best show for you, after all the pilot episode is called "The Gang Gets Racist", but if you love a good insult and endless amounts of tom foolery, please watch it.
I will leave you with the two best scenes from the series, guaranteed to not only make you laugh, but give you a little taste of the ridiculousness of the show.
The Gang attempts to set up an online dating profile for Charlie.
The Gang wreaks havoc on their high school reunion.
I will never be over the Dayman (fighter of the Nightman)
"what are your dislikes?" "people's knees"
"what do you like" "milksteak"
"what are your hobbies" "magnets"
Yeah @christianmordi this is a super underrated show that needs more attention! It's so hilarious, let me know how you like it!
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