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This is one of the most uncomfortable things that can ever happen in women's fashion. You notice that part of the underwire on your favorite bra is sticking out. Now, every time you wear the bra, it feels like someone is stabbing you with a massive kitchen knife. Don't throw away the bra! There is an easy, no-sew way to fix that exposed underwire! This tutorial comes from the great fashion savers at Chaotically Creative Co.


All you need to fix your bra is scissors, moleskin padding (you should be able to find moleskin padding at drugstores in the first-aid section) and superglue.

Push the wire back in

Before you fix the protruding wire, push it back into the bra so that it isn't sticking out. Dab a little bit of superglue to hold the wire back in and keep the fabric from allowing the wire to stick out again.

Attach moleskin

Cut a long piece of moleskin (about an inch wide) and peel it off. Then, stick it over the wire and the fabric where the wire was protruding. You can dab a little bit of superglue underneath the moleskin to help it stay put. Repeat on the other bra cup if necessary.
Problem solved — you can go back to being comfortable while wearing your bra.
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That bra stab is realllll!!!
@alywoah ugh for real! It's always so annoying