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so i recently bought a bunch of hair chalks and decided to try them out today! they're kind of hard to use (imo), but they're easy to clean up, luckily! the first photo is my actual hair color, and i decided to just mess around with two of the chalks on one side of my hair, so i braided just a regular braid with half my hair chalked up and half normal. it looks pretty cute in my opinion~ haha ps. my hair is super dead and dried out from so much bleach, but i use argan oil and it works pretty well (my hair used to be a LOT worse)!!
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@HairConfetti yeah argan oil is amazing! i'm okay with everything except leave in conditioners... they just feel awful on my hair :-( haha
@HairConfetti i did a leave in conditioner for awhile but i didn't like how it made my hair feel really heavy and i also tried Moroccan oil and coconut oil for short periods of time but didn't quite like them... personally the argan oil is my favorite so far~
@ephneyt I was going to suggest coconut oil that's my other favorite hair conditioning oil. But I agree with argan oil being a hair life saver! My hair used to be really dry (it was before I was into all the hair stuff). I used argan oil as an overnight mask. Then shampoo in the morning and it left my hair looking silky and soft. I do this once a month.
The like the 3rd picture (the one with the braid). Your hair condition isn't that bad. Besides argan oil have you tried other deep conditioning or moisturizing mask for the ends of you hair?