Okay so there is this big controversey about show me the money episode 3. Seems like everyone is getting on Huge's boys case about his lyrics..... Why though? I understand some people might call it degrading to women but in my opinion its not that bad. And another rapper on the show lyrics wasnt as bad as they try to make it seem he was using a metaphore.... A sexual one but not degrading at all. I understand as a idol mino have to apologize but as a rapper he shouldnt because he did say he wasnt gonna go as a idol . Now a few other rappers on the show was honestly not okay. Like Black nut..... This nigga here(sorry for the cursing but im pissed) was all odd future on us... Good for crazy themed mixtapes but for broadcast and infront of a female contestant is hella not okay. His whole rap was distgusting and crazy. In my opinion not only mino should apologize but black nut and a few other rappers in the show need to apologize. The things thr others said was hecka sexist and straight up rape lyrics...... You guys tell me what y'all think . Should mino take all the blame ? or should the others apologize also.