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This happens ALL OF THE TIME!! With ALL of my fandoms!!!! :'(
Bahahahahaha!! I don't have any K-Pop friends, so this is my problem with ANY K-Pop song!!
when I start singing classic kpop songs and no one sings along thanks guys thanks =_=
@KatieRussell, I go through so many pens it's ridiculous lol I lose them so often!! And I'm not great with languages either, when my family lived in Germany I took German classes in middle school and when we moved back to the states I continued my German classes. I couldn't string one sentence together right now if my life depended on it. However I am really motivated to learn Japanese and Korean, so hopefully I'll be better at learning then since I actually really want to learn them hahahaha
thats a good idea. I tend to forget everything I should start writing it down. but then all the pencils would disappear XD. I really want to learn korean though but I have a hard time with other languages I tried learning french once when I was middle school. didn't work out so well the teacher was nice and all brand new right out of collage. he only worked the one year there though :o
@KatieRussell, I never clear my history hahahaha but I hear ya on the black hole! That's my house as well LOL! I SWEAR there are ninjas that stake out my house and come in and steal random things just to fuck with me! But when it comes to writing things down, I go and buy a LOT of spiral notebooks when they're on sale (like right now since school is starting soon) and I keep them all in the same area (ish... all over my living room...). I have certain notebooks for certain things. Like one for writing letters, one for learning Japanese, one for school notes, etc. :-)
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