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I can't stop laughing at this lmfao!
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@ErinGregory it's okay if not nxt yr I'll just go to korea. my friend wants to move there so I'll be visiting her somtimes. hey and if I got to Japan anytime I can come visit u even if we don't know eachother much haha
@veselovskayavic, LOL I don't know hardly anyone IRL that I talk to on a regular basis, so that wouldn't be new to me xD I've told them all to visit me when I get to Japan. Maybe wait a couple months so I can pretend I know how to show them around hahaha I wonder if I can talk someone into going with me for the first week or so, to help settle in. Damnit. xD You are welcome to visit though when I (finally) get there bahahahaha and YES! You should totally go visit your friend when they are in Korea!! Not having to pay for lodging and food (depending) really helps cut down travel expenses :-)
@ErinGregory well ya I will but going to need to wait about 3 years maybe less maybe more before she gets into collage and settles in over there. she wants to go to collage there to haha it would be nice I guess. and ya nit much to spend if that happenes I was going to be roommates with her there but not sure yet maybe maybe not either way I'm real curious how things will end ip. and how it feels to acually visit korea and maybe even Japan when I get to go
@veselovskayavic, you both plan on going to college in Korea? That's really awesome! You'll have to learn the language though :-) I can't wait to learn Korean and Japanese! But 3 years is enough time to learn for sure!
@ErinGregory no I don't plan to go to collage their. it wouldn't be a bad idea but I do want to learn the language