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my take!! do read
Guys, kindly suggest interesting and remarkable Korean dramas to watch. Your timely response would be highly appreciated.
@yukias agree!! @karlacelene i loved it till the second last episode.. but i found the ending abrupt
Well, I don't think BIG is a "big" disappointment! It has interesting plot and impressive actors. I enjoyed watching it, actually.
yes! dr jin and rooftop prince wasnt very good~! dr jin was so random! i mean what kind of an ending is that?!?! and there wasnt an extremly big chemisty between the actors~! i would have thought is was a good drama since park min young was there ~ but it wasnt . :( and Rooftop prince was cute~ but it was lacking for me~~ and again with the endings,,,,~! i really have not idean what that ending was going on about!~ Please someone explain!~ but i have to say Mickey was a cutieeee in it~ !
oh i heard of it.. lets see
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