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Lots of fans are hyper-ventilating right now, and so am I. Check out the first official footage, released earlier this week by director David Ayer at San Diego Comic Con earlier this week. After a leak, they decided to release the full HD teaser trailer for all to see. Literally everything from Comic Con took a back seat to the Suicide Squad's surprise appearance, and subsequent release of the trailer below. The highly anticipated adaptation of DC Comics' Suicide Squad, where super-villains team up to fight the most lethal opponents, is slatted for release in 2016, until then...we have this teaser trailer.
If you aren't excited, I'm not sure you're alive.
This is the first time we're seeing these characters in action, and my God is it exciting.
Jared Leto is taking serious risks as an actor and it's obvious that he's pulling out all the stops. Nothing is done halfway here. Incredible.
If you were looking for the ultimate collection of Anti-Heroes, this is definitely the movie for you. I mean they're villains posing as much more compelling can you get? Are you excited for the Suicide Squad?
I think it's definitely going to be a hard sell @caitlind9898 because while a lot of people love The Joker not as many people are familiar with his appearance in Suicide Squad. People are probably really attached to either Heath Ledger's version, or the one from the Animated Series in the 90s, and both of those are very different. So I think DC is going to have to work very hard to make sure the expectations coming in don't alter people's perceptions
I do not like their interpretation of the Joker. I like the personality of Joker though, and as @shannonl5 said Margot Robbie looks great as Harley. However, I'm nervous on how the movie will turn out. It's either going to blow fans away or disappoint them. Hopefully it will win over the fans hearts though.
@shannonl yes! She's going to be amazing. Never count Leto out, he has the tendency to surprise! :)
I think Margot Robbie was a GREAT casting choice for Harley. Leto's Joker seems like it's well-done but I don't think this will be my favorite iteration of the character.