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You'd do anything for your dog, but would you box a wild cougar for them? Over the weekend, a Vancouver man made headlines after doing just that, ultimate knocking the animal out and rescuing Bailey, his miniature dachshund.
Shawn Hanson was camping at Salmon Beach in Ucluelet, British Columbia when a cougar came out of the woods and snatched his dog up by the neck:

"I see something out of the corner of my eye and a cougar jumped out about 10 to 15 away and just snatched the dog. It put her paw down and her mouth around Bailey's neck and started dragging her. The dog was making really loud yelping noises like I'd never heard before."

It was then when Hanson's adrenaline kicked in, and he chased after them, screaming the entire time as he took shots at the wild feline.

“I was able to cock back and punch the cougar in the face and it kind of went cross-eyed and just dropped the dog. My initial thought was that it would start swiping at me, but it sat there sort of dazed. I was just relieved at that point.”

To ensure that the cougar wouldn't come back to the campsite and put more of his family and friends' lives in danger, Hanson went back to retrieve his gun and shot the animal twice.

"It started crossing my mind that I was pretty lucky. It had some pretty big claws and teeth and it could’ve done a lot of damage to me. I don’t have any kids and I think that’s how any parent would think. I did what I did to protect her and get her back. She's a member of the family."

Talk about going to drastic lengths to save your small weiner. (The dog, you guys. It's a miniature dachshund.)
Hahaha looks like the small weiner got away this time! but man, I wonder how the cat is doing...
so scary