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Salad is probably the LAST THING you are thinking about for your wedding. However, a salad is always presented at a wedding. And often, it resembles something from a bag that came from the discount grocer--NOT GREAT!
Rethink all that with your favorite salads re-imagined. For instance, you can take the best parts of your salad, and by pairing them down to one or two bites, you've highlighted and served a terrific salad.
The top left photo is from Martha Stewart. Her dream team came up with cleaver baby Greek salad. The one on the right is of a simple Caprese, served in a shallow ramekin.
Don't go nuts trying "to do what everyone else has done" or what everyone else expects. This is completely your wedding. Do what you want. Just don't be afraid to go outside the box or do what you want in other creative ways.
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